Tetrasomia Edit

Tetrasomia is the capitol city of the culture of city states which the Project Elementals is centred around. So called because the control of the city is divided amongst four main castes, each dedicated to each of the four elements.

The Council

The Emperor

The Great Temple

Earth Edit

The earth caste counts amongst it's members the farmers, builders, miners and many types of craftsmen.

The Granary

Water Edit

Among the water caste are sailors, healers and many traders

The Harbor

The River

Air Edit

In the air caste are more noblemen than any other, great merchants and caravaners

The Vortex

Fire Edit

The watchmen, soldiers and commanders belong to the fire caste. With their great number of battle-mages they hold great power.

The Watch

The Military

Thaumathurges Edit

The class of the Thaumathurges is new on the political scene. The class rose from the other castes interbreeding during a state of great turmoil 2 centuries ago. With their varied skills and adaptable magical aptitudes they are quickly rising to match the other castes in power

The Collage

The guilds Edit

The guilds of Tetrasomia are many and vary in power and specialty. Most craftsmen belong to a guild and some crafts have more than one guild, each vying for more power, members and riches. '

The Imperial guild of Assassins

The classless Edit

The classless count the beggars, day laborers, cannon fodder and most of the criminals. Generally with no guild to look after them they usually toughen up or wither.

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