Foreign Tribes in the world. Edit

The Nomads Edit

The Nomads is a collection of tribes, each with a different method of survival but share the common trait that they don't have permanent settlements. The exception are their warrior lodges who remain in place but are paid tribute by the tribes under their protection.

The Dunesmen Edit

The Dunesmen are a nation desert dwellers. Most live in [oasis city] built around the largest oasis or in [harbor city], the only two places where food is plentiful. Others follow the everchanging sand dunes, herding goats or camels, carrying valuable spices or farming the sparse fertile grounds around rivers or oases.

The Rafters Edit

The Rafters call themselves so due to the nature of their homes. They live mostly on rafts moored in a collection of atolls and bays spread over [Name of island cluster], others are live near permanently on their boats, most content to sail between the islands, others the world, disembarking only to forage for food and fresh water.

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